Pregnancy Recipes

Eating for Two

I will be adding pregnancy recipes here, feel free to add your own!

Recipes for pregnancy

Mineral Supplements

  • Calcium Stew - This is an alternative to calcium supplements. Pregnant women need to take up to 1000mg of calcium per day. Here’s a natural, lactose-free, vegan method to ensure you are getting enough calcium. Ingredients ¼ tsp Slippery elm powder ¼ tsp Borage ¼ tsp Comfrey leaves ¼ tsp Oat straw Method Add one cup boiling water […]
  • Iron tea - Up your Iron intake naturally This is an alternative to iron supplements. Drink daily for iron maintenance. Eat extra lemons & spinach (for vitamin c & folic acid) for persistent anaemia. Ingredients ¼ tsp yellow dock root ¼ tsp Nettles ¼ tsp Raspberry leaves ¼ tsp Comfrey leaf Method Add one cup of boiling water […]

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