Placenta Cookery

Where possible the placenta should be the first meal that a mother eats after childbirth to restore the nutrients which have gone into creating it.

As part of your post-natal care I can cook your placenta however you would like it. There is nothing to be squeamish about, its the most natural thing in the world!

  • EAT YOUR PLACENTA! It’s good for you! - Why you should definitely eat your placenta Basically it’s the thing that your body has made from itself and the food that you have eaten to provide for your baby while it is inside you! Once your baby is born your whole perspective changes! NOW the placenta is the natural way to increase the iron […]

Placenta Recipes

I will be updating these regularly, feel free to message me with your recipes and I will add my favourites to the list 🙂

  • Lara’s Placenta Recipe - My favourite method of preparing a placenta Ingredients 1 placenta (membrane & cord removed) 1 onion chopped 3 cloves garlic chopped Olive oil Black pepper Fresh chilli chopped (optional) Serve with Green salad, beansprouts, spinach, avocado NB. Eat raw salad before to help your body absorb the nutrients better!) Method Fry onion, garlic & chilli […]
I also offer a placenta encapsulation service.

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