Birthing Stories

Our birthing stories

Everybody’s experience is different, but it can be very helpful to hear other women’s birthing stories especially if it’s your first time. I have been collecting birthing stories from some of the amazing women I have had the honour of helping, learning from and working with and will be posting them here. Please feel free to send me yours!

  • The V. Short Pregnancy Guide - (Written to Calm, Relax & Reassure! Honest!) Being pregnant – lets be honest! Is very strange! O.k. maybe not all the time but on average mostly you feel very different. More different than you’ve ever felt before!! Tired? Irritable? – Eating fresh raw foods in small amounts. Seeds bean sprouts, dried fruit – raises your […]
  • Labour – The Giving of Birth (A Naughty Fairy’s Perspective) - Yup! It’s not a walk in the park! It’s not Armageddon either! The most natural thing for your body to do! What you were made for! So how do you do it? How do you fall off a cliff? Relax, let it happen, hope for the best! Sometimes there is a mucousy discharge 1-3 days […]
  • Frankie’s Story - Frankie Benjy & Odins story Born on Friday 11/02/05 at 4.57am in the barn at Windmill Down Farm Totnes. Present at the birth were me – Frankie Bramall (the mother), Benjy Eriksson (the father), my mum Judy, my friend & spiritual midwife Lara, the principle midwife Jan & the secondary midwife Alison. On Tuesday 8th […]
  • Angel Benjamin – Lara’s story - It’s a rainbow! A multi coloured birth story, filled with beauty and awe-inspiring majesty. Baby Angel Benjamin Love, the creation of fairy love, fairy loving of joy of life. A blessing in my 40th year An excuse to rest, eat, be, love myself and appreciate how wonderful being alive is. Also, he was the colander […]

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