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I am a practising childbirth helper, labour coach, barefoot herbalist and mother of two wonderful boys.

I offer a personal and unique doula service and birthing classes for women all over the UK. I have attended births in hospitals, at home, in trucks and in teepees.

I see it as my most important role to ‘mother the mother’ and to serve her needs. Whatever the mother or family needs I am there to support it – making sure that everyone involved knows that first and foremost the mother is the one in charge at birth.

My main focuses are :-

  • To provide support & information to enable pregnant women to take control of their own birthing process! Grab back your anatomy!
  • To inform & engage women in the use of herbal remedies, nutrition, physical exercises, essential oils and homeopathy to facilitate a positive birth experience!
  • To support new families in the making so that they are strong & confident, able to trust their instincts & to believe in their decisions!
  • To illuminate the pathways towards orgasmic birth because I know it is truly possible and our natural birth right.
If you would like to ask any questions about hiring me as your doula, the services I provide, anything on my website or to do with your pregnancy, please contact me here

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