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Hi, my name is Lara and I’m a childbirth helper, labour coach, herbalist and author.

I create Red Tent spaces for events and gatherings. Red Tents were traditionally created for women to support, educate and empower one other. The Red Tent offers storytelling, information-sharing, practical herbalism, yoga and meditation sessions and hot chocolate.

I make giant bubbles for events and fundraisers. Making bubbles is an inclusive activity where everybody can join in the fun!

I also put on fire shows and displays, teaching fire staff and fire poi to all ages.

In addition to listing my services, news and upcoming events, the aim of the Fairy Doula website is to provide an online Red Tent – a resource of information for women and those who support them through pregnancy and childbirth.

Lara's red tent - Love

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Thank you Tara 🙂 a link from your site would be very much appreciated! Big love and fairy kisses! xxxxxxx

tara windmill-robson


Dearest Lara
Your website is brilliant, very informative, friendly and real! I love it and hope you will agree to it being linked on my site.
Keep up the good work my friend it’s infectious!

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