Reiki Massage

I offer Reiki massage as part of my doula service.

Herbal Remedies

I have many years of experience in the use of herbal remedies and natural medicine within pregnancy and during childbirth. I can offer advice, ideas and make a lovely cup of tea!
  • Herbs & Natural Remedies for Pregnancy


I am proficient in Kineseology which is a completely holistic treatment. This is a very calming therapy involving gentle muscle testing to initially diagnose stress areas and then often lymphatic massage and other complementary remedies. Kinesiology is reported by many to help reduce pain and anxiety, improve sleep and overall physical wellbeing and to help with recovery from illness.

Birth Homeopathy

Homeopathy can be greatly beneficial to mothers in the build-up to, during and after childbirth. I have a detailed knowledge of birth homeopathy and can advise on its use as a complementary medicine. Homeopathy has no recorded adverse side-effects and can be taken in combination with prescribed medicines.

Pregnancy Exercises

Exercise can work wonders during pregnancy to prepare you for childbirth. It helps build your endurance, strengthens your muscles, reduces aches and pains (particularly backache) and lifts your mood and overall health. I can advise you on a range of exercises that are particularly beneficial during pregnancy and do them with you if you like!
  • Pregnancy Exercises

Traditional Mexican Birthing Hot Chocolate

Mexicans believe that a woman giving birth is akin to warrior going into battle. They bring them hot chocolate to give them courage, energy and strength. Scientists have now proved that dark chocolate (cacao) contains Theobromine which is a precursor to oxytocin – the ‘love hormone’ which is needed to create a positive birthing experience!

I’ll make you gorgeous birthing hot chocolate from a traditional Mexican recipe :)

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