Independent Midwives Protest in London

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Protesters campaign to maintain the provision of independent midwifery in the UK outside the Houses of Parliament on March 25, 2013 in London, England. New EU regulation will mandate that midwives operate with insurance, however no insurers in the UK are willing to extend cover to independent midwives, which will potentially lead to its abolition.

(March 24, 2013 – Source: Oli Scarff/Getty Images Europe)


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  • Erin


    That’s me and my daughter there in the top photo! She’s one of the reasons we were there on Monday. It was a great communal event –I didn’t really know anyone else there but I’m so glad Coo and I went anyway! Wishing you well… your feather duster was awesome and so was your song! :)


  • tara windmill-robson


    Dearest Lara
    Your website is brilliant, very informative, friendly and real! I love it and hope you will agree to it being linked on my site.
    Keep up the good work my friend it’s infectious!


    • FairyDoula


      Thank you Tara :) a link from your site would be very much appreciated! Big love and fairy kisses! xxxxxxx


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